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Cargo transportation in Ukraine

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One of the parallel directions of Avers-Agro is cargo transportation. This area was born from expanding its own fleet to meet its domestic needs. The rolling stock includes about 4 cars of different carrying capacities, including a truck manipulator and is constantly expanding.

Transportation of goods in the city and region

Recently, such a service as a cargo taxi has become popular. Especially in large cities, such as the Dnieper, Kharkov, Kiev, Poltava, Zaporozhye etc. It often happens that when moving you need to transfer furniture, things or other bulky cargo. In such cases, it is worth ordering transportation in the city and region.

The company Avers-Agro carries out the transportation of the following goods:

  • Furniture transportation
  • Garbage removal
  • Metal transportation
  • Transportation of metal
  • Tree transportation, etc.

The price of cargo transportation in the Dnieper

The price of transportation of goods will depend on several factors. The main criterion affecting the price is the mass and volume of the transported cargo. Based on these indicators, appropriate transport will be selected that is optimal in price and time in operation. The next criterion affecting the price is the distance and location of the loading and unloading. As a rule, the price of freight in the city and in the region is different. Also, the price may include downtime, the presence of movers and their number.

The main rolling stock in our company is GAZelle cars with a loading capacity of 1800 kg and a different body base. There are also heavier trucks and truck loaders.

Services of a manipulator in the Dnieper.

Along with small shipments, our company carries out transportation of bulky goods by a manipulator based on the DAF XF 95 430 car. Manipulator transportation has a number of advantages. The main thing is that you do not have to hire a crane separately for loading and unloading cargo, which together will positively affect the customer’s budget and save a lot of time.

In order to order the service of transportation of goods in the Dnieper, Kiev, Odessa or in any other city, you must contact the dispatcher on the specified phone number on the website and discuss all the details of the trip. Our dispatcher will quickly form the optimal transport and reasonable price.