Roller Crimper Shredder TL55.470W frame (drum with diameter of 470 mm)

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Roller Crimper Shredder TL55.470W frame (drum with diameter of 470 mm)

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Article: 10542
Roller Crimper of plant residues Shredder TL55.470W is frame, single-row with a drum diameter of 470 mm and a working width of 5.5 m.
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Roller Crimper Shredder TL55.470W is frame with a drum diameter of 470 mm and a working width of 5.5 m.

Designed for shredding plant residues of sunflower, corn, rapeseed and other crops. It crushes the stubble into a fraction 5-12 cm long, which has a beneficial effect on the structure of the soil, fills it with organic matter, partially loosens and removes weeds.
The hinged design of the roller mounting allows its installation on the front hitch.

Design features of the Roller Crimper Shredder TL55.470W:

  • mounted roller, frame with single-row arrangement of drums;
  • special design of the frame, which allows the working bodies to repeat the complex relief of the field;
  • the possibility of equipping the roller crimper with drums of diameters: 470 mm, 550 mm;
  • the fan arrangement of the knives reduces the shock load on the bearings, allowing the roller to move more smoothly across the field;
  • knives are made of carbon steel;
  • the cutting edge of the knife is thermally hardened with the help of a TVC apparatus, so the metal remains plastic, does not break or crack, and the cutting edge remains sharp and the life of the knife increases;
  • only one drum knife is in contact with the soil at a time, this has a positive effect on the quality of chopping;
  • the size of the crushed plant residues is from 5 to 12 cm and provides optimal conditions for complete decomposition and mineralization;
  • for reliable crushing of dry and damp crop residues, the rollers can be equipped with an additional load;
  • the unique design of the roller reduces the required power of the tractors;
  • the skating rink works effectively on difficult, waterlogged soils with various reliefs;
  • Reliable construction, high-quality materials and components of the roller guarantee stable performance in various operating conditions.


Type ... mounted
Working speed, km / h ... 12-25
Productivity at a speed of 12 km / h, ha / h ... 6.6
Transport speed, no more, km / h ... 20
Working width, m ... 5.5
Working length, m ... 1.35
Transport width, m ... 2.95
Transport height, m ​​... 3.46
Transport length, m ... 1.35
Roller diameter, mm ... 470
Number of rollers, pcs. ... 3
Roller type ... frame with fan-shaped knives
Tractor power, not less, h.p. ... 80
Minimum number of hydraulic outlets ... 1
Pressure in the hydraulic system of the tractor, bar ... 180
Unit weight, kg ... 1670

The skating rink is designed to grind both green plants, green manure, and their residues after harvesting.
The increase in grinding rate is also provided by the presence in the machine design of two rows of rollers with a working width of 3.2 m, adapted to the soil and climatic conditions of our country.
The number of knives on the drums and their relative position is justified in such a way as to avoid clogging with plant residues. The length of plant residues after grinding is 100-200 mm.

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