Roller chopper Shredder L90.470W frame (drums diameter 470mm)

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Article: 10007

Roller chopper Shredder L90.470W frame (drums diameter 470mm)

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Article: 10007
Roller shredder residue Shredder L90.470W frame with fan shaped arrangement of the knives with a width of 9M, the diameter of the roller 470mm, is aggregated with tractors of class 1.4.
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 80 hp
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  • the own transport wheels allow you to move from field to field over long distances.
  • Special knives of high quality steel (125х8 mm) allow you to grind the harvest of the fraction of 15-18 cm, which contributes to a faster metabolism and fertilization.
  • Drum has a load of 350 kg per meter across the entire working width. Equipped with axes from high-quality steel with a diameter of 50 mm.
  • Can be retrofitted frame ice rink loads of 25 kg, which are inserted inside the shaft of the rink.
    the Scheme of weights given to managers.
  • the Shafts are made of welded and modular construction with interchangeable bushings and chassis bearing, which ensures the maintainability and durability of the Assembly.
  • the Rink has a radial positioning of the knives that lightens the load on bearings and requires less traction power of the tractor.
Performance, ha/h 10,2
working speed, km/h 12
the Transport speed,max, km/h 20
working width, m 9
the diameter of the roller (drum) mm 470
Number of rollers, PCs 5
the rink frame with fan shaped arrangement of knives
dimensions in working position:   
length, m 3,4
width, m 9,35
height, m 1,05
overall dimensions in transport position:  
length, m 6,35
width, m 2,25
height, m 1,6
Weight unit, kg 2600
the Power of tractor engine, min, L. S. 80




roller chopper Shredder L90.470W designed for shredding crop residue after sunflower, corn, stubble, alignment and partial mulching the surface of the field. Grinding residues and partial mulching retains soil moisture, regulates temperature field, inhibits the growth of weeds and protects it from weathering, and as well enriched with organic matter.

Aboutfeature frame roller:

  • the it is not clogged with earth, crop residues;
  • a cavity on the rink do not require cleaning from dirt;
  • used to work on wet soil and able to work in rainy weather.
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