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Equipment for telescopic handlers

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Shrub and small stump lifter Caiman A
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Shrub and small stump lifter Caiman B
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Caiman shrub and small stump lifter:

One of the important equipment for telescopic handlers is the stump and bush lifter. This device is useful for agricultural production, utilities or logging businesses.

The grubber is intended for uprooting and removing small trees, stumps and shrubs from the soil along with the roots in the fields or in the garden for preliminary preparation of land plots for construction or agricultural work in the future.

Today the company Avers-Agro brings to your attention the Caiman grubber a mechanical device that is installed on telescopic loaders. Caiman can uproot stumps, trees and bushes up to 25 cm in diameter. Also, the capacity of the upropper depends on the type of soil and the type of tree.

The operation of the device is based on the principle of a lever, which is installed as an attachment for special equipment.

Оборудование для телескопических погрузчиков

The Caiman lifter from Avers-Agro has a robust and simple design:
- two cylinders with spherical hinges in the ears;
- the pins and sleeves of the lifter are made of high quality 45 steel, which is resistant to temperature changes and impacts. All Caiman parts were preliminarily heat treated and polished;
- the diameter of all fingers is 40 mm;
- all bushings are equipped with grease fittings;
- built-in hydraulic flow dividers for uniform work of the tines.

Оборудование для телескопических погрузчиков

Advantages of the Caiman lifter:
- due to the minimum number of maneuvers when removing stumps, trees or shrubs, the destructive effect on the soil is significantly reduced, which is one of the significant advantages of the Caiman lifter;
- the lifter from Avers-Agro practically does not need maintenance throughout the entire period of operation;
- due to the ability to remove soil from the root system of fruit trees, it is not necessary to upholster the roots.

Оборудование для телескопических погрузчиков

The use of intensive technologies, in which low-growing rootstocks are involved, gives great prospects in the development of industrial horticulture. For this, it is necessary to carry out the widespread laying of new intensive-type gardens. In the process of planting new orchards, resource-saving and efficient technical means are applied for uprooting and harvesting of previous orchard plantings.

Thanks to the use of a mounted grubber, stump removal becomes more gentle on the soil. You can uproot stumps with a heavy tractor, but this is not rational. After such "harvesting" with the use of heavy equipment, the lower layers of the soil are significantly compacted and many roots remain unrecovered. The "alternative" in this matter can be fire. But, I burn the roots, the humus layer of the soil can burn out. As a result, it is necessary to carry out a large amount of work in order to restore soil fertility. At the moment, separate stubbing and disposal of old garden plantings are used.

The working bodies of the Caiman stump and fruit tree lifter are optimally configured to ensure the rational use of resources in the process of uprooting bushes and trees and effective removal of stumps using uprooting. Due to the minimal negative impact on the soil and a significant increase in productivity, the process of uprooting and disposal of old plantations becomes more efficient. Resource saving is achieved by reducing the traction resistance.