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Powder coating of industrial equipment
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Powder painting
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What is powder coating. Its benefits

surface Application of different subjects coloring compositions has long been used worldwide, but only relatively recently, painting was used not only for decorating products but also as protection from exposure to various substances. It helps to keep the appearance of things and to prolong the service life. There are many types of protective coatings, but one of the most popular today is powder coating in Kiev. The capital is full of industrial enterprises producing modern products that require application of reliable and high-quality coating.

powder coating Technology as a method of applying polymer coating, was developed in the middle of the last century, and since that time this method was actively used in the coloring of products, allowing significant heat. The whole process is divided into several stages:

  • the part or subassembly is thoroughly cleaned from contamination;
  • the is sprayed on the surface of the powdery composition is fixed under the action of strong electric fields.
  • the product is moved to a special chamber where the curing (baking) of the powder layer under high temperature.

a Dense uniform coating is formed by the reflow of paint that imposes some restrictions on the use of this technology. This method is suitable for dyeing following:

  • the metal parts and assemblies and finished products capable of withstanding heating to 2000C;
  • the of pottery and stone;
  • the glass and MDF.

the High quality polymer layer in recent years significantly expanded the scope of application of powder coating. Now this method is used for painting articles exposed to high mechanical stress, temperature variations in a wide range of corrosion and other aggressive influences. You can buy them in any enterprise in which care about the quality of products.

Painting powder coated paint from the manufacturer

Our company is engaged in the design and manufacture of selskokhozyaistvennoi technology. We carry out all works independently of the technological cycle, starting with entering the warehouse of raw materials and components from third-party manufacturers, and ending with the finished product and sending it into the Dnieper, Kharkov, Kiev or any other town of Ukraine. Powder painting of metal – one of the last stages that we worked out in detail and are therefore unable to guarantee the customer a perfect result.

the Coating layer of paint extends the life of the product, and powder painting of disks is able to prevent the buildup of soil and dirt. The price, which can be ordered in the online store of our company, will only slightly differ from the cost of the paint, made independently, but less progressive and reliable way, without the use of innovative technologies.

  • the painting metal parts, workpieces;
  • the with tribostatic method, it is possible to obtain a thicker final coating, better paint hard to reach places products (angles, Sheli,holes, etc.);
  • the dimensions internal volume of the chamber deposition 1200х1900х8500 mm;
  • the using the powder paints of leading world manufacturers;
  • the high-impact corrosion-resistant coating resistant to mechanical damage;
  • the reliable insulation, can not be exposed to temperatures from -60 ° C to 150 ° C;
  • the coverage is completely harmless to the health and lives of people and the environment.

     Powder coating — a method of obtaining polymer coatings with high protective and decorative properties. The way powder coating is a popular alternative to applying liquid paint materials for details, allowing heat it.

The method of powder coating: 

On the cleaned product is sprayed powder paint. In the process of spraying particles of the powder paint is electrically charged from an external source or charging by friction (tribostatic method). Electric field the particles of powder paint is transferred to the painted product, which has the opposite charge. Posisie the product powder particles of paint trapped in the paint spray booth and can be used to re-sputtering, which is impossible with conventional liquid paints. Then the product of the applied powder paint is transferred to the chamber of polymerization for “baking” paint.
In the process of forming the coating of the applied powder layer creates a monolithic high-quality coating on a product surface.

The main applications powder coatings:

  • the coloring any metal components for the products;
  • the staining of finished metal products that can withstand heating up to 200 degree centigrade;
  • the staining of pottery and wall stones;
  • the coloring MDF, glass.