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Heat treatment

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Heat treatment of metal parts
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Heat treatment of metals is used to change their structure by changing the temperature conditions to give the metal the required physical and mechanical characteristics.

Depending on the required properties for the product, certain heat treatment methods are used, distinguished by the maximum possible temperature heating, cooling rate, and holding time.

Heat treatment is used as an intermediate procedure to optimize further processing by cutting or pressure, or as a final operation to ensure the specified properties of the product.

Avers Agrom company offers services of heat treatment of metals and steel. Our company is equipped with specialized equipment that allows you to do high-quality processing according to quality standards.

The available equipment allows for the following types of heat treatment:

  • volumetric hardening;
  • hardening surface HDTV;
  • vacation;
  • cementation.

Heat treatment of steel

Heat treatment is carried out with alloy and carbon steels. Heat treatment of carbon steel gives the workpieces and parts from it the necessary operational qualities and characteristics, improves their machinability.

The main task of heat treatment of steel is to give finished products:

  • heat resistance;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • wear resistance;
  • strength.


  • deep drawing;
  • cold / hot stamping;
  • casting;
  • relieving internal stresses;
  • lightweight machining;
  • plasticity.

Our company manufactures high-strength hardened metal parts and individual elements. For work, mainly used is the heat treatment of metal sheets, which undergo a metal annealing procedure to reduce the hardness of high strength materials. This makes post-processing much easier.

Hardening of steel from the company Avers Agro is not very expensive, and the service itself is performed on the territory of the Dnieper, Kharkov, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. The procedure is carried out as soon as possible without compromising quality. You can order the heat treatment of metal and steel by phone.