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About Us
Facts about our company

Year Avers-Agro was founded


Highly qualified professionals


Avers-Agro launches its machinery annually

History of our company

Avers-Agro company is engaged in the development and implementation of innovative equipment for all types of technologies for growing, processing and storage of agricultural crops.

We offer - Flawless results and maximum performance.

The basis of our success is our own powerful production, equipped with the most modern equipment.

The technical potential of the enterprise makes it possible to obtain high-quality products using only high-quality materials and our own developments.

VII International Agricultural Exhibition AGROEXPO-2019
VII International Agricultural Exhibition AGROEXPO-2019
Avers-Agro visited the VII International Agricultural Exhibition with field demonstration of AGROEXPO-2019 equipment, wh...
Company Avers-Agro together with the ECOS GROUP built the first winery in eco-house from straw panels.
Company Avers-Agro together with the ECOS GROUP built the first winery in eco-house from straw panels.
the Company Avers-Agro together with the ECOS GROUP built the first winery in eco-house from straw panels.
Company "AVERS-agro" invites you to the VII International agro-industrial exhibition "Agroexpo-2019"
Company "AVERS-agro" invites you to the VII International agro-industrial exhibition "Agroexpo-2019"
   the Company «obverse-agro” invites you to the VII International agricultural exhibition &l...
Company "AVERS-agro" participated in the 21st national Sorochinskaya fair.
Company "AVERS-agro" participated in the 21st national Sorochinskaya fair.
the Company "AVERS-agro" visited on the 21st the national Sorochinskaya fair, which lasted from 20 to 25 ...
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Any agricultural enterprise in the process of growing and processing a wide variety of plant crops can not do without the use of specialized technological equipment. Avers-Agro is an organization that develops and implements innovative technologies that help significantly save time and effort of modern farmers.

Agricultural machinery and services of the company Avers-Agro

Avers-Agro is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, which in quality takes one of the leading places in the international agricultural market. Sowing complexes and processing machines have a number of the following advantages:

Maximum performance. This parameter helps to significantly reduce the speed of the equipment, but to increase its efficiency.
High quality land cultivation. Thanks to the equipment under consideration from Avers-Agro, farmers can easily grow more abundant crops with minimal time and necessary resources.
High wear resistance and compliance with all necessary quality standards.
In the process of production of agricultural machinery, all the wishes of professional farmers are taken into account. This greatly facilitates the work and reduces the time spent.
Avers-Agro is not only a professional technique, but also a wide list of agricultural services. Here you can order sowing, processing, fertilizing, cultivating, mulching and other related services.

In addition to high-quality agricultural equipment and assistance in the processing of plantings, the specialists of Avers-Agro provide customers with the following industrial services:

  • shaft balancing;
  • rolling;
  • bending;
  • complex screw repair;
  • laser and plasma cutting of metal .;
  • powder coating;
  • threading of different diameters;
  • welding;
  • drilling work;
  • heat treatment;
  • turning and milling work.

As you can see, the list of services provided is quite large. Clients trust us, because not only professional equipment is used here, but all the work is performed by top-class masters. In addition, agricultural processes are automated as much as possible, which reduces to zero the possibility of the human factor.

A wide range of spare parts for agricultural machinery

In the Avers-Agro online store, original parts for agricultural machinery are presented to the attention of buyers. Here you can buy at an affordable price:

  1. Repair kits for the quick restoration of the functioning of agricultural machines and complexes.
  2. The individual parts that are needed to repair complex mechanisms (motor, hydraulics, steering system, brakes, compressors and so on).
  3. Lighting additional materials (lamps, searchlights, lamps and others).
  4. Choosing our products, you can be sure that all purchased spare parts will perform their direct functions for a long time and with high quality.

Benefits of acquiring elevator equipment at Avers-Agro

Affordable cost. There are no extra charges. Therefore, you can buy original equipment, supplies, and also order professional services relatively inexpensively.
Like other equipment, mill equipment in Avers-Agro is of excellent quality. The manufacturer provides a guarantee for all types of machines, complexes and services.
Compatibility of spare parts with all types of equipment. There is no need for the client to grind or adjust spare parts, since all parts are produced by the direct manufacturer of the equipment sold.
The shortest lead times. Turning to the company Avers-Agro, you definitely will not lose money due to unreasonable downtime of equipment or untimely delivery of services.
To fill out an application for the provision of agricultural, metalworking and industrial services or order special equipment, contact the company representatives by leaving an application on the website. Avers-Agro employees will contact you as soon as possible to discuss all the nuances of future cooperation.