Part in Agroshow 2018

With 17.05.18 for 19.05.19 on the territory of the airport of Cherkasy was held agricultural show Agroshow 2018. The company "AVERS-agro" presented a line protobranchia equipment, and straw panels for construction of eco-houses.

On the stand were presented:

  • the Rotary harrow Green Star seizure of 5.8 m with options rabochih bodies.
  • the roller chopper Shredder residues ponovnih seizure 6m frame type.
  • the Stand modernization coulters sowing complexes
  • the Stand Train boron the Green Way

All who are interested in the above technique, but did not have time to visit this show, the company "AVERS-agro" in there the dog show in Kiev, "agro-2018", which wakes pass from 06.06.18 for 09.06.18 on the territory of VDNKH.