Milling work on the machine tool milling wide-universal 676P

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Article: 10060

Milling work on the machine tool milling wide-universal 676P

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Article: 10060
Multi-purpose milling machine 676П designed for milling parts cylindrical, disk and shaped cutters with horizontal spindle, and face, end and keyway cutters on a rotary vertical spindle.
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      the machine can perform a number of milling and boring operations with high accuracy that can be achieved if the machine is installed in a room with constant temperature 20±2°C and humidity of 65 ± 5% if the machine is not near sources of heat and vibration. The machine can perform, also, drilling and reaming, slotting, centering, and boring, countersinking, reaming, boring.

the Presence of two spindles horizontal and vertical turning, as well as a large number of the machine makes it versatile and easy to work in tool shops of the machine-building plants in the manufacture of tools, embossed stamps and other products.

a Wide range of spindle speed and feed, mechanical feed and rapid movements ensure efficient processing of parts at optimal conditions.


  • Universal milling machine 676п has 16 spindle speeds.
  • Horizontal spindle machine 676п may have a speed limit from 50 to 1630 rpm Vertical spindle has the indicator in the limit from 63 to 2040 rpm.
  • the Number of innings is 16. The operator can select the feed value of the limit 13-395 mm/min.
  • electrical motor Power is 3 kW.
  • dimensions of angular horizontal was: 800 x 250 mm; the surface became vertical 630 x 250 mm; dimensions of machine: 1200 x 1240 x 1780 mm.
  • the spindle can rotate up to 900.
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