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Repair and manufacturing of high pressure hoses

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Production of high pressure hoses
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Repair of high pressure hydraulic hoses
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High pressure hoses - production and use

High-pressure hydraulic hoses - are used in the vast majority of equipment and machinery that are used in various fields of construction, industry, agriculture and production. Avers-Agro company carries out the manufacture and repair of hydraulic hoses, observing excellent quality, reliability and affordability for any customer.

The technology of manufacturing high pressure hoses

In the manufacture of the WFD, a special braid of durable wire is used, as well as several metal layers, which provides it with the necessary characteristics. The winding of such a frame gives the necessary strength and high tensile strength.

In the production of high and medium pressure hoses, special rubber is used, which gives the necessary tightness, reduces the effect of corrosion, sets the necessary flexibility, reduces the friction indicators of fluids passing through them with different chemical and physical properties and prevents the hose from overheating.

Why should a high-pressure hose be bought from us?

Avers-Agro has a vast experience in the production and repair of high pressure hoses for different segments of their application, which undoubtedly imposes a huge responsibility for each unit produced. Our company gives a guarantee on all products and provides further service.

Our customers are representatives of such areas as:

  • agricultural producers
  • oil and gas industry
  • drilling equipment
  • construction machinery
  • hoisting machinery
  • machine tool industry
  • metallurgical production

Our company has a large staff of qualified specialists who are always ready to give detailed advice on all issues of acquiring or repairing hydraulic hoses of high and medium pressure, as well as to select related components necessary for trouble-free and durable operation of all hydraulic units.