The bearing node for a disk harrow Quivogne

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Article: 10319

The bearing node for a disk harrow Quivogne

In stock
Article: 10319
Avers-Agro Bearing Assembly for Quivogne Heavy Duty Disc Harrow Assembly
- under the shaft 41mm (pal40000, pal4000, 4000);
- under the 51mm shaft (pal50001, pal 50001, 50001, pal50001);
- under the shaft 50mm (pal50002, pal 50002, 50002, pal50002)
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The bearing assembly for the Quivogne disc harrow (Kivon) is manufactured at the facilities of the engineering production company Avers-Agro in Dnipro and is not an original spare part.

Advantages of the bearing unit for Quivogne harrow (Kivon) from "Avers-Agro":

  • lower price compared to the original counterparts
  • availability on the territory of Ukraine
  • quick production and delivery to the buyer
  • fully repeats all technical specifications
  • the service life is not inferior to the original

Our company produces several sizes of bearing units for Quivogne units (Kivon):

  • 41mm shaft (pal40000, pal4000, 4000)
  • 51mm shaft (pal50001, pal 50001, 50001, pal50001)
  • 50mm shaft (pal50002, pal 50002, 50002, pal50002)
  • production of bearing units for other mounting dimensions is possible

We use only high-quality SKF (32016) roller bearings that are not serviced, as well as mechanical Rvton sliding seals.

Pivdshipnikovy Vuzol Quivogne (Kivon) virobnitztva companies "Avers-Agro" can zasovosovatsya on:

  • important disk units serії SOL-X, COMAPCT +, MONODISC-X, APXRS, APAXR-GL
  • light disc harrows serії APLXD-TL, PXN, APXE-TL, APXTL, ECODISC
  • top disc harrows ser_ї DISKATOR M, DISKATOR L
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