Tractor Protection System EURO

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Article: 10325

Tractor Protection System EURO

In stock
Article: 10325
EURO tractor guard for rotary harrow, disc harrow, cultivator, etc.
- Specially designed for European standards
- Coverage 1.2m
- 2 tilt adjustments
- universal fastening on a bar of various sections
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Where is the EURO tractor protection applied?

This system is actively used in field work and ensures the safety of the tractor operator, as well as prevents damage to the tractor itself from hit by stones of the earth and other extraneous objects. It is installed using special mountings on the frame of tillage units.

Why is it worth buying protection for the EURO tractor?

When the tillage implement is operating at high speeds, such as a rotary harrow, a cultivator, a disc harrow, etc., often a cani, earth or other extraneous objects can get into the tractor cab. Thanks to its robust mesh construction, the tractor's protection system does not allow unwanted objects to damage the tractor from the rear.


  • width 1230mm
  • depth 800mm
  • 2 tilt adjustment angles
  • fastening under a bar 140kh140mm (production under any section of a bar is possible)

The tractor protection system is used on all types of tillage, sowing equipment operating at medium and high speeds (from 8km / h to 25km / h).

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