Header trolley Case

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Article: 10513

Header trolley Case

In stock
Article: 10513
Biaxial universal Header trolley Case.
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Biaxial universal header trolley Case.

It is intended for transportation of all types of grain, sunflower and corn reapers, as well as units for collecting soybeans on various types of roads.

Advantages and design features of the Case header trolley:

  • trailed, aggregated with tractors and combines;
  • increased structural strength, the trolley beam is reliably strengthened with a sprengel;
  • large clearance and a wide base of the trolley allow you to confidently and safely operate the trolley in various road conditions;
  • improved maneuverability, minimum turning radius;
  • backing up;
  • repetition of all vehicle light signals.


Type ... trailed biaxial
Number of wheels, psc … 4
Track gauge, m ... 2.26
Movement speed:
without header and accessories, km / h ... 25
with reaper, km / h ... 20
on slopes, turns and in reverse, km / h ... 5
Maximum allowable lateral slope
when driving at a speed of 5 km / h, deg. … 8
Ground clearance, not less than mm ... 355
length, mm ... 12600
width, mm ... 2260
height, mm ... 1142
Carrying capacity, not more than kg ... 2000
Weight, kg ... 1520
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