Tooth big BSN "Solomiya"

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Article: 10448

Tooth big BSN "Solomiya"

In stock
Article: 10448
Tooth for a train of a harrow BShN "Solomiya" big
  • total tooth length - 315mm
  • length of the working part with HDTV processing - 220 mm
  • installation length - 90 mm
  • thread on the mounting part - M16x1.75
  • tooth material - steel 60С2А
  • HDTV 52 .. 60 HRCe
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A large tooth for the Solomiya train harrow was produced at the production facilities of Avers-Agro using modern equipment and technologies. In the manufacture of high-quality steel grade 60С2А is used, followed by heat treatment to increase the life of the tooth. A special rhombic shape reduces the traction load on the tractor and increases the quality of tillage.

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