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Unit strip-till Green Master 4 sections

In stock
Article: 50001

Unit strip-till Green Master 4 sections

In stock
Article: 50001
Unit Strip-till - preplant tillage Green Master in 4 sections, aggregated with tractors with power not less than 160 HP, type hinged. Available units 5, 6 and 8 working sections - price check with the Manager.
Strip-till units
4 sections
Power tractor
no less than 160 HP
214 200 грн
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Number of sections - 4 PCs.

available units 5, 6 and 8 sections.

Greenmaster Unit performs 5 operations:

1st Cutting residues performs the drive a skating rink which is the backbone of the unit in operation.
2nd row Cleaner of the 2 disks frees the band from the remnants.
3rd Disintegrating knife - loosens the soil to a depth of 30cm for inclusion in the zone of loosening of mineral fertilizers.
4th Pair of disks can prevent the spreading of loosened soil on the aisle, leaving a shaped crest of the soil. This comb promotes soil warming and drainage of moisture.
5-I After discs is slatted rink ,which closes the moisture, destroys the breast of the soil, preparing the ground for sowing.

After the passage of the unit on the surface of the field remain of the aisle is protected with straw.

advanced equipment of making a dry fertilizer.

Deep soil loosening at 30cm.

Precise application of fertilizer to the root system.

the Preservation and accumulation of moisture.

Prepare the seed bed for sowing.

Processing, only the strip where you will be seeding width of 20-30cm and a depth of 32cm.

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