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shaft Balancing

an Imbalance of a propeller shaft is one of the most frequent vehicle breakdowns resulting in its vibration, which must be removed, as it leads to abrasion of road aggregates.

the main causes of the unbalance of the propeller shaft parts include:

 damage from physical impacts; the

worn out from time to time.

  • repair bad qualities;
  • the
  • factory marriage;

For identifying the problem, should be timely to carry out dynamic balancing of shafts, order that you can in the company AVERS agro. Our experienced specialists will find and efficiently perform balancing and diagnostics on the propeller shaft.

Balanced rotor

Dynamic balancing of the rotor is required upon unbalance of the rotating parts of the machine. To show the imbalance may be the vibration of the entire machine, which leads to the destruction of the Foundation, the bearings and the machine itself. To avoid this, the rotating parts need to be balanced. 

The company's Specialists AVERS agro services qualitative balancing of the rotor.All work is carried out on stands of their own design, providing accurate balancing and exceeding 5 times the factory requirements.

You can Order the services of the rotor shaft and the fixation of the screws at an affordable price in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkiv and other cities in our online store.