Single packer roller 1m

In stock
Article: 10124

Single packer roller 1m

In stock
Article: 10124
Single roller, size 1 m.
In stock packer rollers for all brands and manufacturers of cultivators and disc harrows.
  • drum diameter 320mm
  • knife thickness 6mm
  • SKF bearings size 209
  • production with individual characteristics is possible
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New rollers, specially designed for cultivators, disc harrows and other tilling machines.

the rink

the slatted bar ice rink

spiral-slatted rink the

  • tubular

Rollers are:


  • the
  • one
  • the
  • tandem

the Rods on the rollers




Depth of processing: 3-5 cm

drum Diameter: 320 mm / 270 mm

the Number of knives drum: 8 PCs

working width: 1m, 1.5 m, 2m, 2.5 m, 3M, etc.

the location of the knives on the drum:




the Shape of knives:


flat the

  • curly
  • the
  • tubular

All rollers are equipped with universal brackets for attachment to various types of frames, allows you to operate the rink with various cultivators and harrows, as well as additional equipment spring or Daisy chain harrows

ice Rinks are used for pre-and poslevoennogo compacting soil when growing winter rape, alfalfa and grain crops.

For seedbed preparation for planting field crops (especially varieties) to effectively use rod rollers, which are mounted on cultivators and combined tillage aggregates for their working bodies (paws or disks). They are designed for leveling the field surface, lumps and soil compaction. The rods on the rollers can be round and rectangular cut. Rectangular plates are cut out jagged. The most intensively crushed lumps of soil by rollers with round rods and rectangular cut without the cut.


the Use of rollers in soil-tilling units provides grinding, levelling and compaction of the treated surface layer of the soil. It is, first and foremost, prevent weathering, moisture and drying of the soil and allows planting after the passage of Assembly operations without additional seedbed preparation.

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