Injection harrow metering wheel

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Article: 10415

Injection harrow metering wheel

In stock
Article: 10415
Dosing wheel for injection of liquid fertilizers (root dressing of plants).
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Dosing wheel for injecting liquid fertilizer.

There are several ways to fertilize the soil:

  • superficial (spreading fertilizers across the field);
  • leaf (top dressing of plants occurs through the surface of the leaf);
  • root (fertilizers are applied precisely, targeted directly into the soil, better absorbed and have a higher concentration).
It is much easier for liquid fertilizers to reach the root system of plants.
Compared with other methods, applying liquid fertilizers to the soil is the most effective method of delivering the necessary nutrients directly to the root system of plants, which allows you to increase the yield of agricultural crops.

Advantages and design features of the injector metering wheel:

  • uniform feeding of plants, lack of excess nutrients;
  • reduction in the amount of fertilizer applied without loss of plant nutrition quality;
  • the possibility of applying various types of fertilizers (UAN, ammonia water, ammonium carbide, sclerocide, complex fertilizers, Groundfix, Miko Help, etc.);
  • fertilizers settle near the root system and feed the plant throughout the growing season;
  • reduction in operating expenses for fertilizer application;
  • minimization of environmental damage;
  • the creation of microcracks in the soil to a depth of 16 cm;
  • the ability to adapt to different row spacing;
  • soil crust destruction.


  • working speed, km / h ... 10-15
  • angle of rotation, deg. ... 60
  • wheel diameter, cm ... 50
  • distance between penetration points, cm ... 12.5
  • processing depth, cm ... 4-12
  • wheel weight, kg ... 32
  • row spacing, cm ... 25-75
  • wheel force, kgf ... 150

Additional equipment:

  • fertilizer control system;
  • spring harrow.
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