Inter row cultivator Green Razor 12.6 m

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Article: 10506

Inter row cultivator Green Razor 12.6 m

In stock
Article: 10506
Inter row cultivator Green Razor hinged with a width of 12.6 m handles 18-row crops row crops with low and high stem to 90 cm inter-row spacing can be adjusted for 45 - 70 cm
Power tractor
not less than 180 hp
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Inter row cultivator Green Razor universal mounted with a working width of 12.6 m:

  • designed for inter-row processing of any crops: cereals, row crops, vegetables, etc .;
  • struggles with one and perennial weeds resistant to soil herbicides;
  • destroys the soil crust, loosens the surface of the field, creates a mulching layer on the soil surface to preserve moisture;
  • improves water permeability and air quality of the soil;
  • activates microbiological processes in the soil;
  • fertilizes the soil;
  • zone robots light, medium, heavy soils;
  • it is most effective to use a cultivator cultivating immediately after rain;
  • the depth of processing depends on the timing, phase of crop development and soil moisture.

Advantages and design features of the inter row cultivator Green Razor 12.6 m:

  • has a high frame, which allows for inter-row processing at a later date of vegetation;
  • processes crops of row crops with low and high stems up to 90 cm;
  • the method of fastening sections with working bodies makes it easy to adapt to different row spacing, row spacing can be adjusted from 45 to 70 cm;
  • sections with working bodies of the cultivator are equipped with universal lancet paws mounted on a spring vibration stand;
  • legs and racks are made of steel of high wear resistance, leg width 150 mm;
  • five working bodies are fixed on one section when adjusting for a row spacing of 600-700 mm or three working bodies when processing a row spacing of 450-500 mm;
  • each section with working bodies has a support wheel, which makes it possible to copy the surface of the field along the entire width of the processing unit;
  • a safety spring is installed on each section with working bodies, which ensures the correct clamping force and accurate retention of the depth of tillage;
  • in the design of sections with working bodies, plain bearings are used that do not require maintenance;
  • rolling bearings of the support wheels are protected by anthers, which allows to extend their service life;
  • it is used in various soil and climatic zones when treating soils of different mechanical composition with moisture up to 28% and hardness up to 3.5 MPa (35kg / cm²);
  • the cultivator is transferred from the working position to the transport one and vice versa by lowering the tractor hitch, in the parking position the cultivator is on supports;
  • on the design and method of aggregation mounted cultivator;
  • aggregation with wheeled and tracked tractors from 80 hp;
  • attendants - 1 person (tractor driver).

Additional equipment:

  • liquid and dry fertilizer application system;
  • auxiliary guards protecting plant leaves from damage or falling asleep with soil;
  • finger polyurethane wheels;
  • skrebniki;
  • various combinations of paws.


Working speed, km / h ... 3-10
Working width, m ... 12.6
Productivity, ha / h ... 3.8-12.6
Max. processing depth, mm ... 120
Working bodies (for row spacing 700 mm), pcs ... 19
Minimum row spacing, mm ... 450
Maximum row spacing, mm ... 700
The paw is wide, mm ... 150
Transport speed, km / h ... 20
Unit weight, kg ...
Tractor power, not less than hp ... 180
Type ... mounted
Attendants, people ... 1 (tractor operator)
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