Continuous cultivator GREEN WEEDER 4m

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Article: 10423

Continuous cultivator GREEN WEEDER 4m

In stock
Article: 10423
Presowing cultivator GREEN WEEDER with a working width of 4m
  • medium cultivator for continuous processing
  • working capture 4m
  • working depth 5-15cm
  • working foot width 260mm
  • equipped with a harrow and packer rollers loop
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Power tractor
not less than 90 hp
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Overview of medium cultivators GREEN WEEDER 4m (video)

Working bodies cultivators - Universal lancet paws with a molded edge analogue paws WILL RICH and loosening paws.

The working bodies are placed on the frame in five rows, which allows the cultivator to work more efficiently in the presence of a large number of crop residues and their passage through the frame without clogging it.

The widths of the working part of the paws are 100mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm, 230mm, 260mm, 280mm, 300mm.

In the basic configuration, cultivators are equipped with paws with a working width of 260 mm, which provide 40 mm overlap of adjacent paws, and according to all agronomic studies, this overlap provides 100% cutting of weed roots.

The cultivator paws are attached to the struts of the spring bracket with a spring actuation force in a range from 100 to 120 kg, which is customizable with the help of an adjusting bolt.

Each spring bracket is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting the tilt of the paw relative to the surface, which allows you to more accurately adjust the unit to specific agricultural conditions.

The cultivator is equipped with a three-row train harrow and a slat- ribbed spiral roller.

The hinged plow harrow allows you to align the soil well after the passage of the legs. The uniform distribution of crop residues after the passage of the harrow ensures uniform saturation of the soil with organic substances and moisture conservation, which in turn will directly affect the future crop.

The planar- ribbed spiral roller is designed to level the soil surface and crumble the lumps of lancet paws and train harrows remaining after the passage .

A feature of these cultivators is that in the transport position their dimensions do not exceed the maximum permitted by Euro standards.

Technical characteristics Cultivator GREEN WEEDER 4m:

Productivity at a speed of 12 km / h

4,5 ha / hour

Working speed

8 - 12 km / h

Working width

3.85 m

Processing depth

5 - 15 cm

Number of Cutting Feet

21 pcs

Cutting Foot Width

260 mm

Step between paws

180 mm

Step between paws in a row

720 mm

Number of Rollers


Roller Diameter


Number of train harrows


Number of rows of train harrows


Number of teeth in loops

48 pc

Overall dimensions, m:

- in working position (L / W / H)


- in transport position (L / W / H)


Unit weight

1770 kg

Tractor power (not less)

90 hp .

A type



Medium-sized continuous cultivators of the GREEN WEEDER 4m models are designed for:

  • pair care
  • pre-sowing treatment
  • surface leveling
  • loosening the soil to accumulate and retain moisture and nutrients
  • weed control
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