Storage-reloader MT 200

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Article: 10642

Storage-reloader MT 200

In stock
Article: 10642
Storage-reloader MT 200, storage capacity, 20 cubic meters
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Transfer storage MT 200

The MT 200 accumulator-reloader is designed to optimize the logistics process during the harvesting and sowing campaign.
The main task in this period is the maximum loading of equipment and the elimination of its downtime, because this can lead to qualitative and quantitative losses in yield.
Together with an increase in the productivity of combines and seeding complexes, the factor of influence on the soil is very important when using the MT 200 bunker-loader in progressive agricultural technologies.
The use of wide-profile tires on a bunker or a tractor gives the specific pressure on the soil as close to ideal as possible and does not affect the yield of cultivated crops.
The MT 200 accumulator-reloader is a two-section tractor trailer, which is equipped with unloading augers of increased productivity.

The MT 200 storage tanker consists of the following elements:

  • frame with a container;
  • auger drive;
  • two augers for unloading;
  • axis;
  • loading auger;
  • the roof is tented;
  • side lights;
  • wheels.

Advantages of the MT 200 storage loader:

  • when sowing: up to 20 m3 of granular fertilizers and seeds are loaded into the MT 200 two-section tank;
  • due to the high speed of reloading the seed into the seed drill hopper and the large volume of the tank, the productivity of the seeding equipment increases by 20%;
  • during harvesting: the MT 200 hopper loader takes in the grain on the move, walking next to the combine, and then quickly unloads it onto a truck at the edge of the field.


Width, m ... 4.09
Height, m ​​... 4.05
Total length without hydraulic auger, m ... 7.92
Total length with hydraulic auger, m ... 9.03
Axle wheelbase, m ... 5.66
Unloaded weight, kg ... 5450
Loaded weight, kg ... 20000
Total capacity, l ... 20
Front section capacity, l ... 8000
Rear section capacity, l ... 12000
Mechanical auger rotation drive from tractor PTO
Tractor hitch ... pendulum
Support load, kg ... 1300
Pressure in the hydraulic system, mPa ... 18
Power supply voltage, V ... 12
Tractor class ... not lower than III
Braking system ... pneumatic
Wheel tire ... 28.1-25
Working pressure in the tire, bar ... 1.2 - 1.8
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