Plasma cutting metal with system MAXPRO200

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Article: 10053

Plasma cutting metal with system MAXPRO200

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Article: 10053
The MAXPRO200 plasma cutting system designed for cutting mild steel, stainless steel and of aluminium of different thickness.
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   There MAXPRO200 plasma cutting in as a plasma gas used is air, oxygen or nitrogen, and provides maximum efficiency due to the combination of high cutting speeds and fast change processes.

                          Operating data

the Cutting virtually dross free: low carbon steel, 20 mm

the Thickness industrial burning: low carbon steel, 32 mm

the Cutting cutting (material thickness that can be cut at a speed of 125 mm/min with lower cut quality. Cutting cutting of specified thickness should not be done often) : low carbon steel, 75 mm

the Cutting with a bevel: consumables for 200 And support the cutting with a bevel angle 45°


input voltage 200/208 VAC. current, 3-f., 50 Hz, 108/104 And
220 V current, 3-f., 50–60 Hz, 98 And
240 V current, 3-f., 60 Hz, 90 And
380 VAC. current, 3-f., 50 Hz, 57 And
400 V current, CE, 3-pH., 50–60 Hz, 54 And
415 VAC. current, CE, 3-pH., 50 Hz, 52 And
440 VAC. current, 3-f., 50–60 Hz, 49 And
480 VAC. current, 3-f., 60 Hz, 45 And
600 V current, 3-f., 60 Hz, 36 And
Output voltage 50 165 In the post. current
Maximum output current 200 And
rated duty cycle 100 % 33 kW, 40 °C
operating temperature Range from –10 °C to +40 °C
power Factor 0,98 at an output power of 33 kW
Maximum voltage 360 In the post. current
Dimensions 102 cm, 69 cm W,105 cm
Weight 335 kg
Source gas
  Plasma gas
  Protective gas
  gas Pressure

Air, O2, N2
Air, N2
6,2 +/- 0,7 bar
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