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Plasma cutting

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Plasma cutting metal with system MAXPRO200
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Plasma cutting of round and shaped tubes
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Plasma metal cutting, CNC is accurate, quick and economical method of cutting metal on parts of any desired shape and hardness of the brand.

in the manufacture of parts great importance of economic indicators of production and efficiency of the technologies. The company AVERS agro offers services for plasma cutting in the river and the other cities to companies in need of sheet metal of different grades of steel.

In online store obverse agro you can order plasma cutting:

  • the steel;
  • the carbon steel;
  • the copper alloys
  • the aluminium and its alloys, other metal sheets.

Main advantages:

  1. This processing method allows you to cut rails, beams, metal plates of great thickness.
  2. The gas-plasma method of metal cutting significantly reduces the risk of damage to the workpiece during its manufacture.
  3. When working with stainless steel is possible to achieve a perfectly flat, smooth and neat slices as the result is achieved by melting rather than mechanical cutting. It also significantly reduces time. 

How is plasma cutting of metal

Plasma cutting is carried out by heating the metal to temperatures above its melting point in the local area where you want the cut. During the procedure, the melt is formed, but plasma jet eliminates it from the areas where people are cut edges.

the Price of plasma cutting of steel from the company obverse agro varies depending on the tasks. Here you can order a cutting sheet with a thickness of from 0.5 to 250 mm of individual and standard schemas.

Order service plasma cutting in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnieper and other Ukrainian cities can be in our online shop by telephone or through the form registration.