Disc-anchor seeder Green Plains TSM PRO 3,9 with variators

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Article: 8028

Disc-anchor seeder Green Plains TSM PRO 3,9 with variators

In stock
Article: 8028
Mechanical grain disk-anchor seeder Green Plains TSM PRO 3.9 with variators with a working width of 4 m.
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not less than 80 hp
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Seeder grain direct sowing, mechanical semi-mounted Green Plains TSM PRO with variators and a working width of 4 m.

Designed for direct sowing of all types of grain, as well as for classical technology, mini-till and no-till.

Technical characteristics of the Green Plains TSM PRO 3.9 m seeder with variators:

Type ... mechanical
Aggregation method ... semi-mounted
Productivity at a speed of 10 km/h, ha/h ... 3
Transport height, m ​​... 3.36
Transport width, m ... 4.05
Transport length, m ... 6.1
Working width, m ... 4
Working length, m ... 6.1
Seeder weight (unloaded), t ... 5
Number of coulters, pcs ... 16
Number of coulter rows, pcs ... 2
Distance between coulters, mm ... 250
Required tractor power, hp ... 80
For deep processing, it is recommended, h.p. ... 100
Operating speed, km/h ... 7-10
Transport speed, km/h ... 20
The minimum number of pairs of tractor hydraulic outlets, pcs ... 1
Pressure in the hydraulic system of the tractor, bar ... 180
Hopper capacity 60/40, l ... 1500
Seeds, l ... 1000
Fertilizers, l ... 500
Application rate:
Seed min/max, kg/ha ... 7/400
Fertilizers min/max, kg/ha ... 7/300
Seeding rate adjustment ... variator
Support wheels ... 10.0/75-15.3 (14PR)
Tire pressure, bar ... 2.8 - 3.2
Tractor hitch ... Two-point NU-2
Hydraulic requirement: raise/lower ... 1 double acting spool
Depth of introduction of seeds/fertilizers, mm... 20-100
Depth adjustment ... Set of clips 50/30/19/10/7mm for hydraulic cylinder rods

Equipped with a unique disk-anchor coulter of our own design with a seeding width of 14 mm.

Designed for use in direct sowing seeders, as well as for mini-till and no-till technology.
The coulter is equipped with a cutting disc that cuts crop residues and plant roots that are in the surface layer of the soil.
Support wheels are installed next to the cutting disk, which, in addition to copying the microrelief of the field, press down crop residues, making it easier to cut them, and compact the soil surface, which allows the anchor to prepare a neat furrow with less loosening of the soil.
Following the anchor is a plastic seed and fertilizer compactor that presses the seeds tightly to the bottom of the furrow, ensuring their guaranteed contact with moist soil.

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