Strip-Till Section

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Article: 10591

Strip-Till Section

In stock
Article: 10591
Section for a soil cultivating complex Green Master using Strip-Till technology.
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Section for the Green Master strip processing unit using Strip-Till technology.

Video of the work of the Green Master section

Designed for strip loosening to the depth of the root layer with simultaneous application of fertilizers. The section of the machine prepares optimal conditions for germination of seedlings, leaving untouched soil between the treated areas between the rows and retaining capillaries that improve moisture nutrition, which also contributes to the preservation of the soil ecosystem. The retained crop residual mulch in the row spacing plays a positive role.

Strip-Till section consists of:

  • a disc that opens the strip and removes plant residues from the soil surface;
  • row cleaner cleaning the seed line;
  • a special paw that loosens the soil and applies fertilizers;
  • roller that ramps the surface to form a uniform seedbed.
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