Drilling work on the machine radial drilling 2А554

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Article: 10217

Drilling work on the machine radial drilling 2А554

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Article: 10217
Radial drilling machine General purpose 2А554 is used for drilling, reaming, countersinking, trimming the ends in both directions, reaming, boring holes and threading with taps in large parts.
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Radial drilling machine 2А554 intended for obtaining through and blind holes in parts, using drill, deploy and finishing holes previously produced by molding or stamping, and to perform other operations. The main motion and feed motion in drilling machine are communicated to the tool.

Technical features of the machine 2А554

Parameter name 2А554
Main specifications  
Drilling capacity in steel 45, mm 50
Most conventional drilling capacity in cast iron, mm 63
Range of the thread cutting in steel 45, mm M52 x 5
Distance from spindle center to guide column (departure of the spindle), mm 375...1600
Greatest horizontal travel of drilling head on the sleeve, mm 1225
Maximum vertical displacement of the sleeve on the column (installation), mm 750
Speed of vertical movement of the sleeve on the column, m/min 1,4
Angle of rotation of the sleeve around the column, grad 360
Size of the plate surface (width length), mm 1020 x 2555
Diameter of the socket of the spindle, mm 90
Frequency direct spindle speed, rev/min 18...2000
Number of speeds spindle for direct rotation 24
Limits of working feeds per revolution of spindle, mm/r 0,045...5,0
Number of steps of working feed 24
Move the spindle to the turn of the scale, mm 120
Maximum torque Nm 7100
Greatest feed force, kN 20
Electric motor of main drive, kW (r/min) 5,5
Electric motor drive movement of the sleeve, kW (r/min) 2,2
Machine size  
Machine dimensions, mm 2665x1030x3430
Mass of machine, kg 4700
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