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Boring work - a popular mechanical method of Metalworking that allows to obtain holes with different depth, cross section and diameter. Drilling holes, usually in the final stages of production of parts after milling, turning and other works. Therefore, they require a lot of responsibility.

Proper sharpening of the tool, accurate markings, rugged mounting parts, speed and feed play an important role. One jagged hole can send all detail in the marriage. Therefore, this work is left to professionals.

Drilling of stainless steel

the company AVERS agro we work with all types of metals including stainless steel and use only professional quality machines for drilling: 

  • the coordinate-drilling;
  • the vertically-drilling;
  • the radial drilling from well-known foreign and domestic manufacturers.

We are constantly updating methods and tools, follow the technological innovations. Depending on the task select the appropriate equipment, drilling equipment and supplies.

to Order services for drilling at the best price in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr and other cities in online store AVERS agro.