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Surface and mid-depth cultivator

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Surface and mid-depth cultivator Green Tiller 9,15 m
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Many farmers in our country are trying to find the best technology for growing cultivated plants. Many are inclined towards minimal or zero technology, but there are also farms that advocate traditional approaches to cultivating land. Along with this, there are a lot of farmers who can apply several technologies at once carrying out research in their fields , as well as those who are moving from traditional tillage to more resource-efficient .

Why do we need a cultivator for surface and mid depth field cultivation?

Basically, such tools are used precisely by those people who decided to switch from traditional technology to minimal or zero. The main working body is a vibration stand which, in comparison with the classical cultivator, has a vibration mode The depth of field cultivation by such a cultivator is from 5 cm to 15 cm. In one pass, the cultivator is able to perform four operations: loosening the soil, crushing the breasts of the earth, rolling the soil and leveling the surface of the field.

Advantages of a cultivator for surface and mid depth tillage:

  • Cuts and mixes stubble
  • Suitable for all types of soils.
  • Tilling up to 15cm
  • Excellent solo distribution and very good alignment

But one of the main advantages of such a tool is its good mixing and distribution of crop residues. The field background remains the same as with minimal processing. That is, the vast amount of stubble remains on the surface (about 70-80%), which subsequently closes moisture well, prevents soil erosion and good saturation of the soil with beneficial microorganisms.

By ultivator for surface and midwater processing field to buy simple!

For over 10 years, Avers-Agro has been demonstrating its potential and consistently high quality products to the whole country and neighboring countries. A universal cultivator for minimal and traditional field cultivation is no exception on this list. You can buy this cultivator by making an application on our website. After filling out a simple form, our specialist will contact you in the shortest possible time and give the necessary information, such as price, delivery and lead time.