Liquid fertilizer injection unit Green Power 8 m

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Article: 10540

Liquid fertilizer injection unit Green Power 8 m

In stock
Article: 10540
Injection system for liquid fertilization Green Power with a working width of 8 m.
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Unit for injection of liquid fertilizers Green Power 8 m.

Liquid fertilization systems play an important role in agricultural machinery.
The introduction of liquid fertilizers into the soil is the most effective method of feeding and increasing the yield of agricultural crops. The essential nutrients are delivered directly to the plant root system. One of the most popular ways of delivering liquid fertilizers to the soil is through injection metering wheels.

Advantages of the unit for injection liquid fertilizer Green Power with a working width of 8 m:

  • application of various types of fertilizers (UAN, complex fertilizers, ammonium carbide, sclerocide, ammonia water, Groundfix, Miko Help, etc.);
  • flexible adjustment of fertilizer application rates;
  • automatic fertilization system;
  • precise application of liquid fertilizers to the soil at the required depth;
  • uniform application of fertilizers over the entire area of ​​the field and, as a result, uniform seedlings;
  • delivery of essential micro and macro elements to plants;
  • simultaneous application of herbicides;
  • applied fertilizers have a prolonged effect, nourish the plants during the entire growing season;
  • reducing the cost of fertilizing agricultural crops;
  • respect for the environment.


Type ... trailing
Coverage, m ... 8
Number of injection wheels, pcs. ... 32
Wheel pitch, cm ... 25
Tank volume, l ... 1200
It is aggregated with tractors, hp ... from 130
Consumption of working solution, l / ha ... 250-600
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