Spring harrow heavy Green Ray 21 m

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Article: 10562

Spring harrow heavy Green Ray 21 m

In stock
Article: 10562
Harrow spring heavy Green Ray with a working width of 21 m.
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 330 hp
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Heavy harrow spring Green Ray with a working width of 21 m is designed for:

  • uniform distribution of crop residues over the field;
  • spring harrowing in order to destroy the surface crust;
  • weed control in the "white thread" phase (combing out weeds);
  • closing off moisture by interrupting capillary flow from the lower soil layers;
  • leveling the soil surface after the main processing;
  • planting seeds and fertilizers;
  • continuous tillage during fallow care and preparation for sowing;
  • collecting straw and hay in windrows;
  • pre-emergence and post-emergence harrowing.

Design features of the Green Ray 21 m heavy spring harrow:

  • adjustment of the force of pressing the sections with harrows to the ground;
  • adjustment of the angle of attack of the teeth;
  • height adjustment of the frame chassis when the teeth are worn;
  • the use of rigid rods to support the wings instead of cables, which allows backing when the harrows are raised;
  • the dimensions in the transport position correspond to the European standards;
  • the transport wheels of the wings are equipped with a hydraulic drive, which facilitates folding and unfolding of the harrow into the transport and working position;
  • the ability to use as an option spring tines with a diameter of 14 mm if the tractor power does not allow working at speeds of 15-20 km / h.


Working width, m ... 21.42
Working length, m ... 9.37
Length during transportation, m ... 16.7
Transportation height, m ​​... 4
Transportation width, m ... 3
Total weight, t ... 6.56
Number of sections with scrapers, pcs ... 7
Number of scrapers, pcs ... 170
Distance between scrapers in a row, m ... 0.63
Number of rows with scrapers per section, pcs ... 5
Distance between single spring tines of the harrow, mm ... 63
Depth of processing, mm ... 0-80
Adjusting the angle of attack of the scraper teeth ... 8 positions
Tire sizes:
Support wheels ... 10.0 / 75-15.3 14PR
Air pressure in tires, bar ... 4-5
Tractor hitch ... pendulum
The need for hydraulics
lifting / lowering ... 1 spool
folding / unfolding ... 1 spool
maneuvering ... 1 spool
Hydraulic system pressure, bar ... 180
Minimum tractive power of the tractor, h.p. ... 330
For deep processing, it is recommended, h.p. ... 360
Number of attendants, people ... 1
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