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Flex harrow Green Way 21 m

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Article: 40006

Flex harrow Green Way 21 m

In stock
Article: 40006
Daisy chain harrow tined Green Way with working width 21 m (transporting width 4.4 m), type of aggregation - trailing, required tractor power no less than 350 hp, adjustment of the angle of attack of the teeth in 6 positions (2 main - 38° and 50°; 4 optional), compact, reliable ustlana frame. Available sizes: 7m, 9M, 11m, 14m, 17m, 21m.
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
no less than 350 hp
819 000 грн
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Triangular design, includes a two-point swivel tow hitch.

Reliable reinforced frame. Welded steel pipes.

Plumes harrow consists of a set of consecutive knives.

working on - knife-like tooth, which has a rhombic cross-section. Made of high quality material.

Hinged construction weed harrow.


Performance at a speed of 12km/h, hectare/h 25,3
working speed, km/h 10-15
Transport speed, not more, km/h 20
the aggregate Type trailing
Width, m 21
the working depth of tillage, mm 20-80
the Number of loops, m 12
the Number of rows in the loop, m 8*2=16
the Number of teeth standard piece 1408
the Number of teeth on the length of 300mm, PCs 20
adjustable angle of attack teeth:  6 position
2 key 38º 50º
overall size and in the workplace of polojenii:
length 11, and 85
width, m of 21.12
overall dimensions in transport position:
length 15,82
width, m 4,4
height, m 3,36
the power of the tractor not less than, L. S. 350
the Minimum number of hidrofugados 2
the Pressure in the hydraulic system of the tractor bar 180
Weight, kg 6450

Daisy chain harrow GreenWay require low traction power and incredibly easy to work with.

Plumes harrow is not sensitive to soil moisture.

Designed to work in the early spring, in summer and autumn periods.

Flexible connection of the sections of the harrow allows you to perfectly copy the surface of the field.

Teeth are made of high quality material. The treatment depth of 8 cm.

the Ideal unit for the finishing treatment of the soil.

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