Flex harrow Green Way 24 m

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Article: 10276

Flex harrow Green Way 24 m

In stock
Article: 10276
Green Way Harrow Dental Train 24 meter wide:
  • rhombic tooth analogue MacFarlane
  • tractor power not less than 400 hp
  • 16 rows of trains
  • 6 angles of attack
  • extreme support wheels with a turn
  • a powerful frame (beam 150x150x8mm) reinforced with a farm
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 400 hp
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Triangular design, includes a two-point swivel tow hitch.

Reliable reinforced frame. Welded steel pipes.

Plumes harrow consists of a set of consecutive knives.

working on - knife-like tooth, which has a rhombic cross-section. Made of high quality material.

Hinged construction weed harrow.


Performance at a speed of 12km/h, hectare/h 28,8
working speed, km/h 10-15
Transport speed, not more, km/h 20
the aggregate Type trailing
Width, m 24
the working depth of tillage, mm 20-80
the Number of loops, m 14
the Number of rows in the loop, m 8*2=16
the Number of teeth standard piece 1600
the Number of teeth on the length of 300mm, PCs 20
adjustable angle of attack teeth:  6 position
2 key 38º 50º
overall size and in the workplace of polojenii:
length, m 11,85
width, m 24
overall dimensions in transport position:
length 17,82
width, m 4,4
height, m 3,36
the power of the tractor not less than, L. S. 400
the Minimum number of hidrofugados 2
the Pressure in the hydraulic system of the tractor bar 180
Weight, kg 7100
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