Disc harrow

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Disc harrow

In stock
Article: 10065
Out of production. Link to a new product in the description. Disc harrow, angles of attack of disk batteries harrows are fixed and are as follows: front 20°, back to 18°, the side sections offset to deviate up and down to +14° and -9° respectively.
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Disc harrow is equipped with 61 cm discs 5 mm thick (6.4 mm), equipped with spring-loaded scrapers.

the Disks are installed with a pitch of 19 or 22,9 cm In the latter case, also used a six-restrictive disks 5.6 cm. included in steel alloy, chrome and boron make all disks additional resistance to abrasion and tear.

the Angles of attack of disk batteries harrows are fixed and are as follows: front 20° to back 18°.

harrow is used On the C-shaped campuscollege stands for protection (of depreciation) drives.

a pair of Pneumatic tires are heavy duty floating tandems.

Construction of the side sections offset in the hilly area and terraces have the ability to deviate up and down to +14° and -9°, respectively.

Configuration of double displacement - maximizes the clearance between the circular blades that popredie clogging.

the Transport gap of 33cm allows you to use several options of blades with a diameter of 24/26 inch.

drive Options: sleek and self-sharpening serrated edge with the small recess.

self-sharpening serrated blade, has a smaller recess, which provides less working depth. Drive without large openings is retained better and for longer operates.

Additional equipment slatted-ribbed roller.

Use  disk harrows is one of the most effective means of mechanical removal of weeds and leveling the surface of the field, jagged ruts in the cleaning process.

harmful for heavy residues, spinning 5% faster, thoroughly mixes the soil without the formation of comb and samoosas that increases the lifetime.

Easy transport and minimal maintenance.

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