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Ring cultivator

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Ring cultivator (chariot) 3m Green Ring
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Green Ring Rotary Cultivator: A New Development from Avers-Agro

Avers-Agro company proudly presents its latest development - the Green Ring Rotary Cultivator. This innovative implement is designed to revolutionize the soil cultivation process, providing high efficiency and economic benefit for agricultural enterprises.


Advantages of the Green Ring Rotary Cultivator:

1. High Efficiency: The operation of the Green Ring Rotary Cultivator is based on the use of original working elements in the form of rings, assembled in batteries. This innovative design ensures the destruction of no less than 95% of weeds by pulling and separation. It is important to note that the process of weed pulling occurs without cutting, which prevents re-rooting and germination of weeds.

2. Versatility: The Green Ring Rotary Cultivator has a wide range of applications, effectively combating both annual and perennial weeds. This equipment also provides high-quality leveling of the field surface in the transverse direction and efficient fragmentation of soil clods, preserving its structure and agronomically valuable aggregates.

3. Economic Efficiency: Avers-Agro company always emphasizes the quality of its products. The Green Ring Rotary Cultivator is manufactured using the best materials and components, ensuring long service life and minimal maintenance costs. High productivity and low fuel consumption make it an ideal choice for modern farmers and agricultural enterprises.


The Green Ring Rotary Cultivator is not just a new development, it is a tool that will change your perception of soil cultivation. Efficiency, versatility, and reliability make it an indispensable assistant on your farm. Allow yourself to entrust your fields to the best equipment from Avers-Agro and see the difference in quality and productivity.