KINZE 3000 opener row cleaner double disc “shark tooth”

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Article: 10399

KINZE 3000 opener row cleaner double disc “shark tooth”

In stock
Article: 10399
KINZE 3000 Series Seeder Cleaner Double Disc Shark Tooth
  • sprocket diameter 330mm
  • 3 positions of disc gaps
  • flexible height adjustment
  • steel blade material 45
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This node is used for clearing the furrow width of 2 - 4 cm before height vayuschim disc from plant residues. It provides uniform sowing of crops such as rapeseed, alfalfa, etc. It is in great demand among supporters in minimal tillage and zero tillage. 

Purpose of a row cleaner for the Kinze 000 seeder : 

  • Helps the seeder disc knife to improve furrow cutting efficiency .
  • The main shark tooth sample cuts the root system of previous cultures.
  • Additional discs press down standing crop residues to the soil.
  • The vegetation cover in the aisle is completely preserved.
  • Does not interfere with adjustment and repair of openers.
  • A universal set of devices for attaching the cleaner to a section or a seeder frame.



Harvest residues are removed and the soil is prepared for sowing seeds.

A properly prepared row creates conditions for a uniform seeding depth, good seed-to-soil contact and correct soil density around the seed.
Crop residues trapped in the seed germ compete with the sprout for moisture and may contain fungi and diseases, which leads to sprout suppression. Each such plant reduces the yield of your field.
Row cleaners are the perfect addition to your planter. They remove crop residues and prepare the soil for seeding.

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