Row cleaner for seed drills

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Article: 10123

Row cleaner for seed drills

In stock
Article: 10123
Cleaner number for row crop and grain crop systems under any model drills: John Deere, KINZE, Turbosem, Great Plains, Mzuri, Case, Pierobon, etc. The price for the kit varies depending on implement.
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Disc Diameter, mm    -  320.

Width-to-clean  strip, see   -  15.


  • the Simple, robust design and installation. 
  • the Universal set of fixtures for mounting the cleaner on a section or frame of the planter.
  • don't serve the plate with a double-row bearing SKFс good extra protection that will ensure the performance of this node.
  • Allows you to configure one driving wheel or two wheels in parallel.
  • the Made of high strength steel.
  • the Helps disk opener planter to improve the efficiency of cutting of the furrow.
  • the Fully retained vegetation in the aisle.
  • the it is Possible to configure the floating mode or the hard clamp.
  • the does Not interfere with the adjustment and repair of openers.

We produce two types of row cleaners, depending on the available free space on Your seeder:

  • Hard mounting stand (bracket) on the discs - to the cleaners section of the seeder. In this case, cleaning the discs, repeat the course of the section, and the disks are adjustable in height.

  • Cleaning the discs using hinge joint and a tension spring exerting pressure on the soil and have an extra turn for better ground tracking. Adjustable limiters allow you to adjust the spring pressure and move the cleaners.


an Important feature of the filter row «obverse-agro” it is possible to install drives with different offset, the contiguity and overlap each other due to a special attachment in the shape of a triangle. In addition to the cleanup settings that allows moving left and right wheels to achieve uniform wear.

Promotes elimination and reduction of the ingress of crop residues in the row of planting. Due to this, the purification of the range for high-quality sowing tillage in strip-till technology.

When direct sowing to prevent wear cleaner applies a single row.

whenever the seeding depth is adjustable cleaners without individual depth work surface and remove shells and rolls.

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