Re-equipment of hitch assemblies for a flex harrow

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Article: 10112

Re-equipment of hitch assemblies for a flex harrow

In stock
Article: 10112
Re-equipment of units of tooth, disk, rotary, spring couplings, a set of Green Way loops. In the 1st meter there are 16 rows of a loop. The price is per meter of running frame (per meter of width of the unit).
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If You have the frame of Zubova harrows, disc, rotary, etc. we will help You convert Your units under the train - the harrow, substantially lowering Your expenses compared to buying new unit.

Proposed to carry out refurbishment of the spring and teeth of the couplers, a set of loops GreenWay from the company AVERS-agro.

Plumes of AVERS agro – in the first place:

  • the flexible connection sections, allowing you to perfectly copy the field surface
  • the hinged construction weed harrow - easily copes with any amount of plant residues,
  • the a set of consecutive knives
  • the working on - knife-like tooth, which has a rhombic cross-section. Made of high strength steel. The teeth are spaced at the rate of 70 teeth per 1 m of the capture. The treatment depth of 8 cm.

Due to the distance of 280 mm between the rods in the ribbon cable is not sticking and clogging harrows.

adjusting the angle of attack of the working bodies in 6 positions (2 main 38°, 50° and 4 additional), what allows to go on any ground.

In its design of NO where and NOT something to cuddle up and hide.

For higher performance, harrows recommend using 16-row loop.
Each 16-row loop consists of two parts via the 8-series, which can be set individually if necessary, for example, when excessive debris field or lack of power of the tractor.

Efficient finishing of the ground, a perfectly smooth surface for further passage of the assemblies.

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