Seeder disc-anchor Green Plains TSM 1,8m

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Article: 10382

Seeder disc-anchor Green Plains TSM 1,8m

In stock
Article: 10382
Seeder disc-anchor Green Plains TSM with a working width of 1.8 m.
The type of aggregation
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Seeder disc-anchor Green Plains TSM with a working width of 1.8 m.

Designed for direct sowing using no-till technology, designed for sowing cereals, industrial and oilseeds. A special feature of the seeder is the sowing system with the coulters on a parallelogram suspension, which provides individual copying of the soil relief for each sowing unit.

Advantages of the Green Plains TSM 1.8 m disc-anchor seeder:

  • convenient and easy to use;
  • increased reliability and durability of components and the unit as a whole;
  • minimal damage to the surface layer of the soil;
  • minimal ingress of stubble into the seed hole;
  • accurate and even sowing at the desired depth, even over large amounts of crop residues;
  • flanged split disc that cuts through crop residues with ease;
  • narrow anchor opener with a mechanism for adjusting the seeding depth;
  • a seed compactor installed behind the opener, ensuring tight contact of the seed with the soil;
  • the following closing wheel, which ensures the closure of the furrow formed by the anchor, and also prevents the creation of air pockets and excessive compaction of the seedbed. Also, the design of the wheel eliminates the adhesion of dirt and prevents the formation of dry crust on dry soil on hot and windy days.


Type ... Mechanical seeder
Aggregation method ... Semi-mounted
Performance at
speed 8 km / h, ha / h ... 1.5
Transport height, m ​​... 2.75
Transport width, m ... 2.7
Transport length, m ... 6.3
Working width of capture, m ... 1.8
Seeder weight (unloaded), t ... 2.3
Number of coulters, pcs ... 6
Number of rows of openers, pcs ... 3
Distance between coulters, mm ... 300
Required tractor power, h.p. ... 60
Working speed, km / h ... 7-10
Transport speed, km / h ... 20
Minimum number of pairs
tractor hydraulic valves, pcs ... 1
Pressure in the hydraulic system of the tractor, bar ... 180
Hopper capacity 60/40:
Seeds, l ... 480
Fertilizers, l ... 320
Application rate:
Seeds min / max, kg / ha ... 50/300
Fertilizers min / max, kg / ha ... 50/300
Depth of application of seeds / fertilizers, mm ... 20-100
To buy a seeder from the manufacturer Avers-Agro with a guarantee, call: +38 (097) 7-444-999
We will deliver the seeder across Ukraine: Dnipro, Kiev, Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa
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Buyers of any planter know that it is possible to obtain compensation for the purchase price from the manufacturer.
It is possible to buy a seeder in Dnipro even today with compensation for the cost of agricultural machinery from a domestic manufacturer.

Compensation up to 40% of the price of a seeder in Ukraine, this information is not relevant today.
Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine number 130 and number 86 approved a 25% compensation program, the list of which (and these are 183 manufacturers) includes the manufacturer Avers-Agro.
When purchasing equipment for sowing, compensation is twenty-five percent of the cost of the Green Plains TSM 1.8m disc-anchor seeder.
The seeder is a semi-mounted type of aggregation and is suitable for both grain and oilseeds and even for industrial crops.

To order a disc-anchor seeder Green Plains TSM 1.8m and just get competent advice on seeders, call: +38 (097) 7-444-999


If we talk further about the seeder from the manufacturer Avers-Agro, it is possible to get acquainted with the information about the seeder itself in an accessible conversational form. Seeder disc-anchor Green Plains TSM has a width of one meter and eighty centimeters. In practice, the Green Plains seed drill sows with no-till technology, and No-Till is seeding without plowing.
Disc seeder Green Plains TSM 1.8 m is used for sowing industrial, grain and oilseeds.
A distinctive feature of the seeder is the seeding system with coulters on a parallelogram mechanical suspension, which guarantees a special soil repetition for each seeding unit.

Features of the anchor seeder Green Plains TSM 1.8 m for today:

during operation, simple and convenient
minimal destruction of the topsoil
smallest stubble penetration into the seed hole
durability of the seeder combined with reliability
narrow anchor coulter with a device for adjusting the seeding depth of seeds
a seed compactor located behind the coulter provides a tight bond between the seeds and the soil surface
flanged cutting disc that cuts crop residues with ease
precise and measured sowing at the right depth, which also includes a large amount of crop residues
closing wheel of the disc-anchor Green Plains TSM 1.8m serves to close the furrow created by the anchor
the closing wheel prevents air pockets and over-hardening of the sowing bed
By design, the cover wheel prevents dirt from adhering and prevents dry crust from forming on dried mail during hot and windy days.

Technical parameters of disc anchor Green Plains TSM 1.8m:

Seeder type - mechanical
Aggregation system - semi-mounted

At a speed of 8 kilohm meters per hour, productivity is 1.5 hectares / h

Transport height - 2.75 meters
Transport width - 2.7 meters
Transport length - 6.3 meters
Working width of capture - 1.8 meters

Seeder unloaded weight - 2.3 tons

Number of coulters - 6 pieces
Number of coulter rows - 3 rows
Coulter spacing - 300 mm

The required power of the tractor-tractor is 60 HP.
Required working speed - from 7 to 10 kilometers per hour
Transport speed - 20 km / h
The minimum number of pairs of tractor hydraulic valves is 1 piece.
Pressure in the hydraulic system of the tractor - 180 bar

Hopper capacity - 60/40
Seeds - 480 liters
Fertilizers - 320 liters

Application rate:
Seeds - 50/300 min / max kg / ha
Fertilizers - 50/300 min / max kg / ha
Depth of application of seeds or fertilizers - 20-100 mm

If your goal is to buy a seeder from a seeder manufacturer, contact Avers-Agro by phone: +38 (097) 7-444-999
Avers-Agro will deliver the seeder anywhere in the world.

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