Welding with FastMig M 520 Power source

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Welding with FastMig M 520 Power source

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Article: 10059
Welding works on metal, manufacture of metal structures of any complexity according to your drawings or description.
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Welding work is performed on the most modern and quality equipment.

Welding machines

  • FastMig M 520 Power source  is a high performance power source for a wide range of applications.
  • MXF 67 Wire feeder mechanism of wire feeding, high efficiency for all types of welding-compatible with the coil of 300 mm and secured with a plastic casing.
  • Kempact 323A - compact welding machine Kemppi K5 allows you to perform economical MIG/MAG-welding, providing 320 And three-phase power source 400V. package Kempact 323A includes an adaptive control panel, wire feeder DuraTorque drive of the four rollers, welding the burner FE and a set of grounding cable.

         Used welding technology

   welding in shielding gas (GMAW − Gas metal arc welding) is a welding method electric arc, wherein an endless wire electrode melts in the environment of protective gas. The gas protects from exposure to the ambient atmosphere. This method is characterized by the flexibility of the material, the degree of mechanization and positions of welding. In the environment of protective gas (GMAW) can be welded almost all of the material weldable.
   non-Alloy and alloy steels it is preferable to welding in the environment of active protective gas such as carbon dioxide. This kind of method is called "welding in the active protection gas environment" or abbreviated MAG (metal active gas welding). High-alloy steel and such materials as aluminum, magnesium, alloys based on Nickel, titanium, welded in inert gas environment, e.g., argon. This kind of method is called "welding in the inert gas environment" or abbreviated MIG (metal inert gas welding).

    This method can be used to join thin metal sheets starting from 0.8 mm and welding thicker metal with thickness more than 10 mm When welding in shielding gas used as the burner, sent by hand or fully mechanized support systems , such as portals or robots.

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