Harrow rotary Green Star 3 m with replaceable teeth

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Article: 10031

Harrow rotary Green Star 3 m with replaceable teeth

In stock
Article: 10031
Harrow rotary Green Star 3 m with replaceable teeth, working width 3 m (transporting width 3 m), method of aggregation of the suspended
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 50 hp
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Rotary harrow 3 м with replaceable teeth:

  • designed for spring and autumn loosening of soil covered with stubble or other plant debris, planting weed seeds and destroying crop plants, as well as for leveling the microrelief created by the previous treatment; for spring harrowing of winter and row crops, pre-sowing tillage on plowed fields and care for perennial grasses;
  • works effectively in the early stages of plant development;
  • destroys a monolithic crust on soil up to 7 cm thick, especially effective for corn and sunflower in the early stages of seedlings (2-3 leaves);
  • mulch the top layer and reliably covers moisture, the degree of moisture retention in the soil increases three times; especially effective in regions with arid climates or unstable precipitation;
  • saturates the soil with oxygen and nitrogen;
  • destroys 99% of weeds in the white filament stage;
  • damages up to 1% of plants (for comparison, the tooth harrow damages 10-15%);
  • with timely use, completely eliminates herbicides;
  • does not injure plants up to 15 cm high;
  • can be used for inter-row processing of plants up to 35 cm high (7-8 leaves), for which it is necessary to remove sections of working bodies that interfere with processing;
  • can be used for continuous sowing and perennial grasses.

Avantages et caractéristiques de conception de la herse rotative Green Star 3 м avec dents remplaçables:

  • certified production of international level;
  • attendants - 1 person (tractor driver);
  • it is aggregated with tractors from 50 hp .;
  • hydraulics warranty - 3 years;
  • row spacing is adjustable from 10 cm;
  • the use of rotating sun-shaped disks increases the effect on the soil up to 40%, promotes the activation of metabolic processes, which corresponds to nitrogen fertilizing with mineral fertilizers;
  • the frame is made of seamless pipe 140x140x8 made of steel 09G2S;
  • reinforced rack of rotary wheels is made of a single pipe 50x50x5 without welds of steel 20, the guarantee for the rack is 12,000 ha;
  • bushings made of special composite material that do not require maintenance are used in friction units; the material is patented, Avers-Agro authoring, warranty for bushings - 15,000 ha;
  • the sleeve on the bracket and the rocking chair (made of a special composite material and does not require lubrication), allows you to copy the relief of the soil and provides the same depth of processing;
  • on each sprocket, two sealed non-serviceable bearings from SKF are additionally protected by anthers;
  • bearing assembly warranty - 2000 ha;
  • Green Star harrow tooth is made of quality hardened steel 30HGSA in contrast to cast tooth production;
  • the tooth shape of the rotary Green Star harrow is the copyright of Avers-Agro;
  • special geometry of the teeth, the tooth enters the ground at a right angle;
  • the design of the working body provides a quick replacement of the tooth or the entire sprocket in the field; interchangeable teeth are individually fastened with high-strength bolts and self-locking nuts;
  • an adjustable spring with a diameter of 6 to 12 mm is installed on each section, which provides the necessary deepening on all types of soil, depending on field conditions;
  • availability of options for stars of various shapes for different field crops and agricultural tasks.



working speed, km/h ... 6-20
working width of capture, m ... 3
Performance, ha/h ... 1,7-5,94
Depth of processing, mm ... 30-70
Sections of the working bodies, PCs ... 13
of the Working bodies, PCs ... 26
Step of working bodies , mm ... 110
the Mass of one section, kg ... 38
dimensions in working position:
Width, mm ... 2850
Length, mm ... 1250
Height, mm ... 1200
the Mass of unit, kg ... 620
is Aggregated with tractors of class 50 HP  
staff, people ... 1 (tractor)

Work carried out on any soil, reduces moisture loss, reduces the usage of herbicides of continuous action, with rychla the soil, promotes activation of metabolic processes in plants, retains soil structure, ideal for soil protecting technologies of agriculture.

Rotary harrow Green Star in one pass

the destroys a monolithic crust on the soil. Particularly effective for maize and sunflower in the early stages of germination (2 to 3 leaf)

multiroom the top layer and closes in moisture. The degree of moisture retention in the soil increased three times

saturates the soil with oxygen and nitrogen

eliminates 99 % of the weeds in the white thread stage

when processing max  damaged to  1% of plants (for comparison – tooth harrow damage 10-15%)

when  the timely application completely eliminates herbicides

does not injure plants up to 15 cm

 can be used for inter-row cultivation of plants up to 30 cm, which you need to remove preventing the processing sections of the working bodies

can be used for solid seeding and perennial herbs

Harrow are easy to use, low cost, versatile and suitable for any field and seeding, and most importantly - highly effective.

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